harvest dinner poster 2020


Change and challenge is part and parcel of our human experience.  At times it might feel as though the choices we make divide us from one another…and even separate us from God.  The Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is that our God is always present, continually re-animating and sustaining community.  Our God is connectional, and when we remain faithful to God, God enables us to stay connected to each other, despite all that might separate us.

This Fall our worship will feature Bible stories that describe some of the ways God has shown up for God’s people in the past.  As we hear these stories, they may help us see the ways God is present with us here and now.  Join us for Heartstrings: tethered to God, beginning on Sunday September 13th.

Our Food Pantry is open for those in need. If you need assistance or would like to give a donation please contact Karen Burnham at 860-208-6013. Everything will remain confidential.